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How to Start Envelope Making Business – Small Business

Envelope Making

Envelope Making Business – An envelope is a popular packing item that is nothing more than a folded piece of paper designed to hold a flat object such as a card or letter. Envelopes are used regularly in many institutions and offices for many purposes. Moreover, these envelopes are majorly used on many occasions like Christmas, New Year and Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, and Valentine’s Day. And also, The demand for the paper envelope is also increasing day by day.

Thus, starting your own paper envelope manufacturing unit is a good option for a fixed income source. You can mechanically generate the desired quantity of paper envelopes by setting up a tiny envelope-making device. Envelope making is one of the most profitable and home-based manufacturing business ideas.

Here in this article, we provide the simple Steps to Start Envelope Making Business.

Market Potential of Envelope-Making Business

The demand for envelopes is increasing with the development of education, industrialization and some commercial activities. The main key factor contributing to the growth of the paper envelope market is due to the growth of the e-commerce business. Many web-based e-commerce businesses require multipurpose packaging envelopes to transport goods via mail for multiple products.

Envelope paper is lighter and takes up less storage space, making it easily transportable and reusable. And, It includes a growing population, expanding the base of professionals, increasing literacy rates, and government initiatives to improve the education sector. And the expected to observe considerable growth rates in the envelope paper market in the future.

Envelope Making Business Registration

You can start an envelope-making business as a proprietorship company. In that case, you will have to register your business as a One Person Company (OPC) with the Register of Companies.

If you are starting your business with some other partners, then you can go for LLP, Private Limited or Limited Company Registration. And Obtain a trade license from the local municipal authority. And also, Apply for GST registration.

However, the pollution control board does not require permission for such a small-scale unit.  However, if you intend to start this business by installing a machine, you must first obtain its permission.

Investment for Envelope Making Business

An envelope manufacturing business can be started with less capital but to buy the machinery and raw material required for the manufacturing process, you need to invest or have some money. If you start this business from a small scale,  you need to invest from 10,000 to 30,000 rupees for this.

If you also want to install envelope making machine in this business, then for this an investment of Rs 2,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000 will have to be made. You can also apply for a loan at banks or financial institutions by creating a business plan with a well-designed envelope.

Required Place for Envelope Making Business

Choose a better location to launch your business. If you are manufacturing the envelope from your home, then Not much land is required inside, it because there is no need to build a big plant inside it.  It will require at least 200 square feet of space to be installed. At the same time, a light connection and a means of transporting the envelope are required.

Raw Material for for Envelope Making Business

The main raw material for making envelopes is paper. Various quality of paper are used to make envelopes, such as map litho paper, scrap paper and sometimes even waste paper. It generally starts from 70 GSM and you need to purchase specific GSM quality paper as per the requirement of the customer. In addition, you have to purchase other consumables like glue.

Machinery for Business

The machines are depending on the size of the business unit that you wish to start, or the demand for the product in the market. There are various sorts of machines on the market, each with its own set of functions. 

Generally, different types of machines allow different specific GSM of paper in it. In addition, if you want to produce an envelope with a window, you will need to purchase an envelope window making machine.

Here the following some machinery is necessary to start this business.

Paper Cutting Machine. Envelope Punching Machine. Paper lamination machine. Glueing machine.

Manufacturing Process

The making process depends on the scale of the business you choose, be it a small or large scale. You can make envelopes manually without any machine involved.

But with this manual process, you can make a limited number of envelopes, which is not enough for your business requirement.

Hence, there is a need to use machines to achieve a high rate of production of these envelopes. Furthermore, the envelope-making process is simple either way and involves the following steps.

First, fix all the papers on top of each other. And then use machines and dies to cut envelopes of a specific size. After the application of glue, leave them to dry properly.

After it dries completely it goes on for packaging. They are arranged in different volume compartments with different numbers. In making an envelope, you will need to focus on the means of storage and transportation.

Marketing  for Envelope Business

Many places to sell envelopes but there should be good quality envelopes it is also a stationery product so you can sell these envelopes in retail stationery shops and other online marketplaces. And also, Create promotional tools like visiting cards, and brochures.

Having a website is essential nowadays not only for reaching out to more customers but also for brand growth. So, you can be selling from online marketplaces and from your own website. Also, make your presence known on social media platforms.

Paper Envelope Making Business

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