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How to Start Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business

How to Start Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business

Aloe vera is a popular medicinal herb. Aloe vera is a plant that grows widely in India. You can make a variety of value-added products with aloe vera that has large market potential. Aloe vera gel, juice, powder, and other products are on the list. We’re going to look at how to start a small-scale aloe vera gel manufacturing business in this article.

Aloe vera gel is the most important product that aloe vera leaves can produce. The item is in high demand from both consumers and businesses. In general, there are two ways to sell the product. One is for end users as a concentrated aloe vera gel. The other is for aloe vera-based products made by herbal companies.

Aloe Vera Gel Market Potential

The food, cosmetics, and toiletries industries, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, all use aloe vera gel. Industry analysts estimate that the global aloe vera gel market was worth US$ 465 million in 2016, with a CAGR of around 11% from 2009 to 2016. Because of the increasing and varied use of Aloe Vera gel in the food, health care, and cosmetic industries, the market has been steadily increasing over the last decade.

Consumers’ increasing desire for a healthy lifestyle, combined with the increased use of aloe vera extracts as an ingredient in the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries, is driving the global market growth. The use of aloe vera in zero sugar drinks, as well as the exploration of new aloe vera species, are currently the major trends in the global aloe vera extracts market.

Registration & Licensing for Business

To start manufacturing aloe vera gel, you must first obtain several government registrations and licences. In general, it is determined by the location of your plant. Some of the basic requirements for processing concentrated gel from aloe leaves are listed below.

First and foremost, you must register your company. Choose the appropriate business form based on the management pattern.

  • Apply for a Trade License and Professional Tax Registration as well.
  • Get a Pan Card.
  • Create a new bank account.
  • MSME Udyog Aadhaar registration can be done online.
  • Apply to the state government for a factory licence.
  • Also, apply for a ‘NOC’ from the Pollution Control Board.
  • Finally, review your tax liabilities and annual compliance obligations.

Location for Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing

The primary requirement for establishing the plant is factory space. However, the amount of space required is highly dependent on the desired production output and the size of the company. In general, a small-scale processing plant with a covered area of 1000 square feet can be started. You must also ensure commercial electric service, water supply, labour, and transportation availability.

Processing Machinery for Business

In general, there are two ways to set up a processing plant. Alternatively, on a semi-automatic or fully automatic basis. For a small-scale operation, however, it is preferable to start on a semi-automatic basis. Additionally, a semi-automated operation makes it simple to add new product lines. You can also make aloe vera juice or powder from the same unit. These products also have a lot of industry potential.

The following are some of the most important machine requirements:

  • A cooling van was used to transport aloe leaves from the farm.
  • Aloe vera gel-making unit
  • Aloe leaf washing unit and extractor.
  • Filling machine
  • Testing equipment
  • Weighing Scale
  • DG set for uninterrupted electric supply

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Production Process

There are two basic methods of processing. First, the entire leaf is processed, including the aloin-containing shell (1- whole leaf method), and the leaf is separated from the gel before processing (2- separation method).

The bottom of the leaf is cut off and the leaves are left to “bleed” in the separation method. As a result, the aloin begins to leak from the leaves. This is the part of the plant that has a bitter taste and acts as a laxative. It’s critical to keep aloin out of the final gel for a high-quality product.

You must filter the gel after removing it from the plants. Finally, homogenise, pasteurise, and stabilise the finished product. The gel is then concentrated in the final step. The entire process, from cutting the leaves to extracting the Aloe, should take no more than two days. However, a quality loss can occur in a variety of ways during the process. The main reasons are poor leaf quality and slow or inefficient processing.

You can now sell concentrated aloe vera gel to end-users or industries that make aloe vera gel-based herbal products.

Marketing the Aloe Vera Gel

You can sell your gel in local markets or even medical supply stores. To promote your product, you can also register on B2B and B2C websites in online markets.

You can also sell your goods in supermarkets, small shops in shopping malls, and other similar establishments.

Advertise your product on social media to attract a large number of customers, allowing you to expand and promote your business.

Despite the fact that India has several aloe vera gel manufacturers, the demand for promoting the new product is high due to its medicinal properties.

So you don’t have to be concerned about the market. You can sell your product using the wholesale gel price in India.

How to Start Aloe Vera Gel Manufacturing Business

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