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10 Most Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

10 Most Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs

Manufacturing businesses produce goods using equipment, machines, and labour. This sector is vital to the economy and offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs to start their own companies. Manufacturing businesses can be established in various industries, including food, appliances, electronics, vehicles, clothing, power tools, and more. Today, many people dream of becoming entrepreneurs, but some are discouraged by the misconception that substantial capital investment is required to start a manufacturing unit. However, this is not true, as several manufacturing business ideas can be initiated with a budget of less than 10 lakh rupees. Therefore, if you want to start a manufacturing business with low investment, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the top 10 small manufacturing business under 10 lakhs and have the potential to thrive in the Indian market.

1. Soap and Detergent Production

Soap and detergent production is a lucrative business idea with a relatively low initial investment. With increasing awareness about hygiene and cleanliness, the demand for these products is always high. With basic equipment and ingredients such as oils, caustic soda, fragrance, and packaging materials, you can start a small-scale soap and detergent manufacturing unit. The initial investment for this business can range from 5 to 10 lakhs rupees, depending on the scale and machinery.

2. Herbal Cosmetics Production

Herbal cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular due to their natural ingredients and health benefits. If you’re interested in starting a herbal cosmetics production unit, you’ll need to formulate products such as herbal creams, lotions, shampoos, and soaps. With a modest investment of around 7 to 10 lakhs rupees, you can start producing herbal skincare, haircare, and personal care products. This business idea holds great potential due to the growing preference for organic and chemical-free products.

3. Poultry Feed Manufacturing

With the booming poultry industry in India, there is a constant demand for high-quality poultry feed. Setting up a small-scale poultry feed manufacturing unit requires machinery for mixing, grinding, and packaging, along with raw materials such as grains, soybean meal, vitamins, and minerals. Setting up a small-scale poultry feed manufacturing unit can be a profitable venture. This business can be initiated with an investment of around 8 to 10 lakhs rupees.

4. Rubber Products Manufacturing

Rubber products have diverse applications in industries ranging from automotive to construction. So, you can start a small-scale rubber product manufacturing unit producing items such as rubber bands, seals, gaskets, and hoses. Machinery, raw materials like natural or synthetic rubber, and moulds are the primary requirements for this business. With proper equipment and sourcing of raw materials, you can establish a profitable venture within a budget of under 10 lakhs rupees.

5. Small Scale Textile Production

The textile industry plays a vital role in India’s economy, and there is always a high demand for quality textiles both domestically and internationally. This creates several opportunities for small-scale manufacturing. With an investment of approximately 7 to 10 lakhs rupees, you can start a small textile production unit that focuses on niche products such as handloom fabrics, ethnic wear, or specialized textiles. To run this business successfully, you will need machinery, raw materials, and skilled labour.

6. Ready-to-eat Food Production

Today, the convenience food market is experiencing rapid growth, driven by busy lifestyles and changing consumer preferences. So, starting a small-scale ready-to-eat food production unit, offering items such as snacks, instant noodles, and frozen foods, can be a lucrative business idea. You can start this ready-to-eat food production business with a moderate investment of around 6 to 10 lakhs rupees. With the right packaging and marketing strategy, you can target both retail and institutional customers.

7. Essential Oil Manufacturing

The demand for essential oils is increasing as more people show interest in aromatherapy, natural remedies, and personal care products. So, If you have a budget of under 10 lakhs rupees, you can start a small-scale essential oil manufacturing unit. This involves extracting oils from herbs, flowers, and other plant materials or aromatic plants for use in cosmetics, aromatherapy, and perfumery. To start this business, you will need distillation equipment, raw materials and packaging supplies.

8. Dairy Product Manufacturing

Starting a dairy product manufacturing business can be a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs, and provides numerous opportunities. So, you can start a small-scale dairy product manufacturing unit, such as producing paneer, flavoured milk, cottage cheese, curd, butter, ice cream, and ghee can be a profitable venture. The initial investment for setting up a small-scale dairy product manufacturing unit can range from 8 to 10 lakhs Indian Rupees. This amount will cover the cost of equipment, raw materials, and operational expenses.

9. Packaged Drinking Water

The demand for packaged drinking water has significantly increased in recent years due to the rising awareness of health and hygiene. To set up a small-scale water purification and bottling plant, you will only require a limited investment in machinery such as reverse osmosis systems, bottling machines, and storage tanks. So, on average, the initial investment for a small-scale plant could range from 6 lakhs to 10 lakhs, covering expenses for machinery, infrastructure, permits, and initial operational costs.

10. Leather Products Manufacturing

India is known for its rich heritage in leather craftsmanship, presenting ample opportunities for entrepreneurs in the leather products manufacturing sector. So, you can start a small-scale unit specializing in leather goods such as bags, wallets, belts, and footwear. The initial investment for this business is approximately 7 to 10 lakhs rupees, covering machinery, raw materials, skilled labour and initial marketing expenses.

Top 10 High Profitable Manufacturing Business Ideas Under 10 Lakhs!

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