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How To Start Travel Agency Business In Low Investment

Today everyone likes to go on tour, everyone likes to see new places, so millions of people from all over the world visit India every year and visit all the beautiful places in India, so it is very beneficial to start a Travel Agency business in India too. Maybe the tour and tourism industry is a very big industry in the world which generates about 6-7% of the total employment in the whole world Business Ideas

Because many tourists inside the world go to visit each other country and millions of people from abroad also come to visit here, so the demand for a travel agency is very high here, so if any person wants to do his own small business. So Tour & Travels Agency can start business and earn good money in it.

Here in this article, we are going to give you complete information about How To Start Tour & Travel Agency Business.

Market Scope For Travel Agency Business

According to some facts and figures, the travel and tourism industry is one of the largest industries in India and a very important employment generator. According to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations, the travel and tourism industry provides 6-7 percent of the world’s total jobs directly and more indirectly through the multiplier effect.

The travel and tourism industry in India ranks 12th among 184 countries in terms of GDP contribution and the tourism industry in India is going to grow at 7.8% per annum during 2013-2023. India has become a well-known destination across the globe due to the comparatively cheap rates and the fact that English is widely spoken. For this reason, the tourism industry is expected to add $440 billion to India’s GDP.

Therefore, a travel agency is a great scope for new entrepreneurs in business.

Investment For Travel Agency Business

The cost of this business will depend on how much vehicle you are taking because Tour And Travels Business can be started in two ways one is by opening your own travel company and other by any famous travel companies like Makemytrip, The bird group, Acme visa solutions Pvt. Ltd. You can start your business by taking franchises of etc.

In the first case, if you want to start a company by buying one or two buses of your own, then at least 20 to 25 lakh rupees can be invested. But by not buying your own car, you can start your business by operating a bus on contract with other motor owners, for which at least Rs.5 Lakhs To Rs.10 Lakhs invest in this business.

Location Selection For Travel Agency Business

To start your Tour and Travels Business Ideas, you have to open an office in 100 To 150 Square Feet from where you will send vehicles to various tourist places or pilgrimage sites. Along with the office, there should also be enough space to park the vehicles and there should also be a room attached to the office where the company’s staff can rest. Further, It would be better to choose the office place on the highway or near the highway.

Required Documents for Business

If you start any business then some personal documents are required and some business-related license is required. To start this Tour And Travels Business Opportunity, you have to complete and following some essential and important procedures, which are necessary for smooth operation of your business.

First, Taking PAN Number and GST Number. Obtain Interstate Transport License for all the buses plying under your company. And Become a travel agent recognized by the Ministry of Tourism. Then, Become a member of the Travel Agent Association. Further, Make maintenance certificates of vehicles. And Make sure the All vehicle drivers should have a heavy vehicle driving license.

Running Process for Travel Agency

If you want to become a successful travel agent, you need to do the following.

First, you need to visit some popular tourist and pilgrimage sites and get to know the surrounding environment. You need to meet all the hotel owners nearby to book hotels for your customers. Plan better routes such as transportation for customers, that is, establish good relationships with employers who own large vehicles (buses) and make the right deal with them.

Importantly arrange to have at least two drivers and two other staff behind each vehicle and you should contact two or four petrol pump owners so that it is convenient to have diesel or petrol available in the vehicle.

Marketing for Travel Agency

Actually travel agency business is such a business about which if people do not know about then how will they reach you. In such a situation, why don’t you take out even the biggest scheme, unless you make people aware of your business, you cannot earn any money. For this, you need to market your business. Make this information available to the people. For this, you can use newspapers, social media and other similar means.

In this way, you can earn a lot by doing business of a travel agency. And due to the high demand of this business, there are more chances of it going ahead, it can be helpful to bring you even bigger benefits going forward.

Profit From Travel Agency Business

Yours earning in this business depends on how many vehicles you have, if you have more vehicles then you will earn more, if you have less vehicles then you will earn less. Whenever we go as an average, then if you have 2 to 3 vehicles, and your car always runs on tour, then you can easily earn good money.

Further, In the travel agency business, your income is good during summer and winter vacations. Because at that time a lot of people go for a tour. If you start this business a few months before the winter holidays, then during that time you can earn lakhs of rupees from this business.

How To Start Tour & Travels Agency Business

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