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Top 10 Small Business Machines Under 1 Lakh

Top 10 Small Business Machines Under 1 Lakh

Starting a small manufacturing business can be an exciting venture, but it often requires the right machinery to get started. With technological advancements, numerous affordable machines are available that cater to various industries and production needs. However, for many entrepreneurs, budget constraints pose a significant challenge when it comes to investing in equipment. Thankfully, there are plenty of high-quality machines available for under 1 lakh INR that can kickstart your manufacturing journey without breaking the bank. Whether you’re into food processing, garment production, or any other manufacturing niche, there’s a machine for everyone. So, if you think of starting a business with very minimal investment, then here in this article, we’ll explore the top 10 small manufacturing business machines under 1 lakh rupees.

1. Manual Paper Plate Making Machine

A manual paper plate-making machine is an excellent choice for those interested in the disposable tableware market. With this machine, you can produce eco-friendly paper plates, bowls, and cups with ease. The machine is user-friendly and has a high production capacity, which can make it a profitable investment for those in the food and hospitality industry. The best part is that it requires minimal investment, the prices for paper plate-making machines range from ₹20,000 to ₹1 lakh, depending on the features and capabilities.

2. Candle Making Machine

Candlemaking is a popular small-scale manufacturing business. With the growing demand for decorative candles, investing in a candle-making machine can be a profitable decision. These machines come in various sizes and designs to suit different business needs. So, you can produce a variety of candles in different shapes and sizes, catering to various market demands. Prices for candle-making machines in India typically range from ₹15,000 for basic models to ₹1 lakh and more for heavy-duty industrial units.

3. Papad Making Machine

Papad, a popular Indian snack, has a high demand both domestically and internationally. This machine comes in various capacities, making it suitable for both small-scale and medium-scale operations. A papad-making machine enables manufacturers to streamline the production process, ensuring consistency in size and quality. These machines are available at prices ranging from ₹30,000 to ₹1 lakh, making them suitable for small-scale papad manufacturers.

4. Incense Stick Making Machine

Incense sticks, commonly known as agarbatti, hold significant cultural and religious importance in India and beyond. This business has immense potential, considering the widespread use of incense sticks in homes, temples, and meditation centres. With the demand for incense sticks soaring, investing in an incense stick-making machine can be a lucrative business decision. Prices for these machines typically range from ₹50,000 to ₹1 lakh, making them accessible to small-scale manufacturers.

5. Chalk Making Machine

The demand for chalk remains steady, particularly in the education sector. Investing in a chalk-making machine allows entrepreneurs to produce chalk in various colours and sizes, catering to different customer preferences. Chalk-making machines are simple to operate and require minimal space, making them suitable for small manufacturing setups. These machines are available at prices ranging from ₹30,000 to ₹1 lakh, depending on capacity and features. It’s a simple yet profitable business idea, especially for those targeting the education sector.

6. Noodle Making Machine

Noodles are a staple food in many cultures, making a noodle-making machine a valuable asset for entrepreneurs in the food industry. These machines can produce a variety of noodles, including spaghetti, fettuccine, and ramen, catering to diverse consumer preferences. A noodle-making machine automates the noodle production process, ensuring consistent quality and texture. Prices for noodle-making machines start from ₹1 lakh, depending on the capacity and features. With this machine, you can cater to the growing demand for instant noodles in the market.

7. Cotton Wick Making Machine

Cotton wicks are essential for oil lamps and religious ceremonies, making them a perennially in-demand product. A cotton wick-making machine enables entrepreneurs to produce cotton wicks of various sizes efficiently, meeting the demand of religious institutions and households.  Investing in a cotton wick-making machine enables entrepreneurs to produce high-quality cotton wick efficiently and cost-effectively.  Prices for cotton wick-making machines in India start from around ₹20,000 for basic models.

8. Potato Chips Making Machine

Potato chips are undoubtedly one of the most popular and loved snacks worldwide. With their crispy texture and savoury flavour, have become a go-to snack choice for people of all ages. As the demand for potato chips continues to rise, starting a business with a potato chip-making machine has become a smart choice. These machines can produce a variety of potato chips in different flavours and textures. Prices for potato chip-making machines start from ₹40,000, making them an accessible option for small-scale manufacturers.

9.  Ice Cream Making Machine

Ice cream is a beloved dessert that is enjoyed all around the world.  There are many different types of ice cream-making machines available on the market. These machines come in various capacities and functionalities, allowing manufacturers to produce a diverse range of ice cream flavours and textures. Depending on your requirements, you can choose from different models of ice cream machines with prices starting from ₹60,000. This cost-effective solution is particularly beneficial for small-scale ice cream businesses looking to establish themselves in the market.

10. Sanitary Pad Making Machine

A sanitary pad-making machine offers entrepreneurs the chance to manufacture affordable and hygienic sanitary pads. These machines come equipped with advanced features to ensure the production of high-quality pads that adhere to industry standards. Prices for these machines vary based on capacity and features, starting from  ₹40,000. Investing in a sanitary pad-making machine not only contributes to women’s health and well-being but also enables entrepreneurs to tap into a growing market with immense potential for growth and impact.

Top 10 Business Machines Under 1 Lakh for Small Entrepreneurs

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