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Starting a Dog Grooming Business – The Step-by-Step Guide

Starting a Dog Grooming Business - The Step-by-Step Guide

A dog grooming business is providing services ranging from cleaning of hair, nails, teeth, and more to facials of dogs. You all know very well that currently keeping dogs in cities has become a fashion. presently people want to prepare their dogs properly by doing facials and other treatments to take them to good look. And since most people keep their pet dogs as a member of the household, they are extremely conscious of their cleanliness.

Also, a grooming company provides its services not only for dogs but also for other pets like cats, horses etc. So, this is the reason why the demand for dog grooming services is continuously increasing in the cities. If you are passionate about dogs and have always wanted to turn that passion into a profitable venture, starting a dog grooming business could be the perfect opportunity for you.

Market Scope for Dog Grooming Business

Before starting any business venture, it’s essential to assess the market scope. And, Pet grooming industry is experiencing remarkable growth due to the rising pet adoption rates and increased awareness about pet hygiene and care.  According to recent surveys, the global the pet care industry market size was estimated at USD 68 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow from USD 73 billion in 2023 to USD 116 billion by 2030, exhibiting a CAGR of 7% during the forecast period.  This presents a tremendous opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to enter the market and cater to the needs of pet owners. And, by offering quality services, building a strong reputation, and targeting the right customer base, you can establish a thriving dog grooming business in your area.

Investment for Dog Grooming Business

Starting a dog grooming business requires an initial investment in various aspects like setting up the facility, purchasing equipment, hiring skilled staff, marketing, and operating costs. Considering all these factors, a rough estimate of the initial investment to start a dog grooming business in India could be anywhere between ₹2 lakhs to ₹10 lakhs or more. This estimate is only a general guide, The amount of capital needed can vary depending on the location, scale, and services offered. So, create a well-thought-out business plan will help you determine the precise investment required to get started.

Required Licenses for Dog Grooming Business

Operating a dog grooming business in India requires obtaining several licenses and permits. These may include business registration, local municipality permits, animal welfare board certifications, and GST registration. And also, Create PAN in the name of the business and open a current account. If the entrepreneur wants, he can also get his business registered with trademark. The requirements may vary depending on your city or state, so research and fulfill all the legal obligations to avoid any future complications. And, It is advisable to consult with a local business attorney or regulatory agency to ensure that you fulfill all legal obligations and maintain a compliant operation.

Location Selection for Business

Selecting an appropriate location is crucial for the success of your dog grooming business. Look for areas with high pet ownership and access to your target customer base. A dog grooming business can operate out of a small home-based setup or a dedicated commercial space. If you plan to start with a small-scale grooming business from your home, you’ll need at least a  100 to 200 square feet of space may be sufficient for business. But, If you’re planning to set up a standalone dog grooming salon, the space requirements will be 300 to 600 square feet or more. Remember that these are just rough estimates, and the actual space requirements may vary depending on your specific business plans and the services you intend to offer.

Equipment for Dog Grooming Business

Equipping your dog grooming salon with the necessary tools and supplies is essential to provide top-notch services. Invest in high-quality grooming tables, tubs, dryers, clippers, shears, brushes, shampoos, conditioners, Clean and warm running water, Kennels, Nail cutters, Soaps,  Dry clothes, high-pressure water pumps, Gloves, Ear cleaning tools, and products and other grooming products. Ensure you choose equipment that suits the specific needs of different dog breeds. Additionally, create a comfortable and safe environment for the dogs, including non-slip flooring, appropriate lighting, and adequate ventilation. Prioritize the well-being and comfort of the animals in your care.

Starting the Dog Grooming Services

A dog grooming service includes all activities related to cleaning and washing dogs, and the process may include the following steps. First, when a pet owner brings their dog to a grooming salon, the process usually begins with a consultation. Next, the grooming process usually begins with a thorough bath.

After bathing, the dog is carefully dried using towels or a pet dryer. Also, depending on the dog’s coat type and condition, the groomer will brush out any tangles, mats, and loose fur. Next is trimming and styling, which involves trimming the dog’s fur to achieve the desired style, as discussed during the consultation.

Next, the dog’s nails are trimmed to a safe and comfortable length. Also, the groomer will gently clean the dog’s ears and teeth and remove debris.

Finally, the groomer can apply finishing touches like bows, bandanas, or perfumes to make the dog look good and smell good. Also, the groomer will do a final inspection to ensure all grooming tasks are completed and the dog is comfortable and happy.

Profit from the Dog Grooming Business

The profitability of your venture depends on various factors, including the number of customers, service pricing, operational costs, and efficiency. However, On average, well-trained staff can take care of 5 to 6 dogs a day. And, you can have package charges that may go up from 2000 Rupees to 3000 Rupees. In this way, you can make RS 10000 to RS 15000 per day. And, after all the other expenses you can make RS 2 lakh to RS 3 lakh in one month. So, Analyze your expenses, monitor revenue streams, and adjust your business strategy accordingly. With a well-executed plan and a focus on delivering exceptional grooming services, you can expect a steady increase in profits over time.

Marketing Tip for Business

To attract and retain customers, you need to develop effective marketing strategies for your dog grooming business. Create a catchy business name along with an attractive logo and, establish an online presence by creating a user-friendly website that showcases your services, prices, and contact information. And, design professional social media pages on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms to engage with your target audience, share educational content, and promote special offers. Also, offering discounts for first-time customers, referral incentives, and loyalty programs can also attract and retain clients. And collect emails and phone numbers from current and new customers, and send offers to them for the remainder.


Starting and running a successful dog grooming business requires careful planning, dedication, and a passion for working with animals. By following the guidelines presented in this article, you can create a solid foundation for your business. Remember to prioritize customer satisfaction, invest in quality equipment, implement effective marketing strategies, and adapt to changing market trends. With perseverance and a commitment to excellence, your dog grooming business can thrive and bring joy to both you and your furry clients.

How to Start a Dog Grooming Business || Pet Grooming Business Plan


1. How long does it take to groom a dog?

The grooming time can vary depending on the breed, size, and coat condition of the dog. On average, a grooming session may take anywhere from one to three hours.

2. Is dog grooming stressful for the animals?

When done by trained professionals in a calm and soothing environment, dog grooming can be a positive and enjoyable experience for the animals. Groomers employ gentle techniques to minimize stress and ensure the well-being of the dogs.

3. What qualifications do I need to start a dog grooming business?

While formal qualifications are not mandatory in all areas, completing a professional grooming course or obtaining certifications can enhance your credibility and attract more customers.

4. How can I differentiate my dog grooming business from competitors?

To stand out in a competitive market, focus on providing exceptional customer service, personalized grooming experiences, and maintaining a clean and comfortable salon environment.

5. Can I offer additional services alongside dog grooming?

Yes, many dog grooming businesses expand their services to include offerings such as dog daycare, training, or retailing pet products. Assess the demand in your area and explore potential opportunities.

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