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How to Start Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business– Many valuable mobile phones with various features are now available on the market. People are attracted to these attractive mobiles and buy them, The smartphone has glass for display protection. If the smartphone crashes for some reason, the soft glass itself will crack.

So, providing security for such phones is also a very responsible job. Once the display of such a phone is broken for some reason, it cannot be recreated in such a way that it looks completely new. Typically, Tempered Glass is used to provide security for these phones, which are not available at the time of purchase and must be purchased from an external market. These days, the buyer of a new phone also picks up the soft specs. Therefore, its business is a good profitable business for those who want to start a business with low investment.

Here in this article, we will provide all the necessary information about, How to Start Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business In Low Investment.

Market Opportunities for Mobile Tempering Business

Today every day the company is bringing new smartphones and according to every model tempered glass is required, so their demand is never going to decrease because the company will not stop making smartphones and as many smartphones as possible.  Tempered glasses are bought more than they are bought, so this business has a lot of chances to be successful and it can be started comfortably in a small amount of money.

Investment for the Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

The investment it’s depends on the business size because you can start this business on a small scale or start on a very large. If you start this business from home with a low investment. The total cost of this business is around 2.5 lack, which includes its machine and all of the materials needed to make tempered glass.

Required Space for Tempered Glass Manufacturing Business

This business’s machine is not very big. It is a machine that can be operated by placing it on a small desk at home, but space is required for storing and packing the goods produced. As a result, you will need at least 200 square metres of space to start this business.

License for Mobile Tempered Glass Making

A licence is required to conduct any legal business. As a result, you must register your brand with the Government of India, as well as register the location where you intend to start your business. You can register your business online with the Government of India’s MSME Department, and your brand can be registered with ISI Trademark.

Raw Material for Mobile Tempered Glass

In this business, only one raw material is required: Anti Shock Screen Protector Film. It is generally priced at Rs.250 per square metre, though this varies depending on the company. Also, Many Online stores sell Anti-Shock Screen Protector films. So, You can buy Anti Shock Screen Protector Film Online sites.

Machine for Mobile Tempered Glass Making

For the manufacturing of mobile tempered glass, a special type of machine is used. This machine allows for the production of mobile tempered glass with minimal effort and time. The price of this machine is around Rs 2 lack.

You can buy the machine on online sites like Indiamart or

Mobile Tempered Glass Manufacturing Process

First, remove the cover of the tempered glass machine and put 3D soft anti-shock screen protector film in it.

After that, use a thin magnet to secure the film inside the machine. It adheres to the iron surface beneath the film and does not move during the screen protector’s glass manufacturing process.

After that, turn on the machine’s power. Now, use the protector template for the phone you want to make tempered glass for. If you want to make tempered glass for the iPhone 7, you’ll need to use the iPhone 7’s protector template.

After that, cut the 3D Soft Anti Shock Screen Protector to fit your phone. This screen protector will remain inside the machine for the time being.

After some time, remove it from the machine. The phone’s screen protector is now complete. It can be purchased for up to Rs.100. As a result, a screen guard yields a profit of 70 to 80 rupees.

Mobile Tempered Glass Packing

It is necessary to take care when packaging it so that it does not get twisted anywhere inside the packet; otherwise, the product may become spoiled and cannot be purchased by any customer. If you want to introduce a new brand to the market, you can include the brand’s logo as well as a technically meaningful brand name on the package. This will entice people to buy your product.

Business Profit

This business generates a lot of profit. This product can be made for as little as Rs 20 to Rs 30, and it can be sold in the market for as much as Rs 100. In this manner, each tempered glass generates a minimum profit of 70 to 80 rupees. As a result, by conducting this business properly, a good profit can be obtained with less effort and cost.

Mobile Tempered Glass Business Marketing

You can sell both retail and wholesale in the market when the product is ready, then market it first because if the customer does not know about the product, then how will the customer buy, so any business, marketing is necessary for the product.  Some sample people will have to give without money and Tempered Glass will have to give their product in good shops of telecom markets.  You can also give your product to other small cell repairing shops. You can also sell your product to other small cell phone repair shops. And also sell glass to retailers and directly to customers via the online market.

Mobile Tempered Glass Making Business

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