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How to Start PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing Business

PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing Business

PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing BusinessPVC Insulation Tape is mainly used for purposes related to electrical insulation, this type of tape is also called cotton flaky tape.  Today, when human beings need various types of electric devices to perform their various tasks and to make their life easier, the use of this type of tape has also increased a lot.  Because this type of tape is used in the manufacture of various types of ovens, furnaces, motors and more.  

And since they are pressure and temperature-resistant, they are also used extensively by cabling companies and manufacturers to cover conductors.  Apart from all this, PVC Insulation Tape is also used in domestic electrical problems and electric appliances.  Hence it has become such an item that is required in almost every household.  This proves that the use of PVC Insulation Tape is not only domestic, but it also has commercial uses on a large scale. 

Therefore, in this situation, if a person starts this kind of business of his own, then it can become a good source of earning for him. Here in this article, we provide the business plan for making PVC Insulation Tape.

Market Scope for PVC Insulation Tape

PVC Insulation Tape will continue to account for over two of thirds of aggregate sales.  This type of tape is mainly used to cover the joints of conductors, this is the reason this item is used in everyday use in all types of electrification works.  As we all know very well that all cables and conductors are different in the work of electrification, their joining together can cause a short circuit, so the use of black tape in electrification has become very necessary. 

The demand for PVC Insulation Tape is increasing continuously due to the increasing number of residential and commercial buildings along with large-scale power generation and increasing population.  This is the reason PVC Insulation Tape is currently being sold by every electrical store. And also, the demand for PVC Insulation Tape has not only been limited to the cities, but it has full potential to be used in rural areas as well. So, any aspiring person can start his own business of making black insulation tape.

Space for PVC Insulation Tape Business

The size of the area and structure required for PVC Insulation Tape is determined by the plant’s capacity.  That is, a plant with a large production capacity will require a large space and building, while a plant with a small production capacity will require a small space.   However, generally, it is necessary that for setting up such an average plant, the entrepreneur may require 1000 to 1500 square feet of space.  If the entrepreneur has any land, then he can get the construction work started to set up the factory according to his plan.  If it is not so, there will be a need to rent space or a building for setting up the entrepreneurial unit. 

License and Registration for Tape Manufacturing

To start the PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing business, the entrepreneur needs various types of licenses and registrations, some of which are listed below. 

First,  Registration in the Registrar of Companies under any one of the Business Entities like Proprietorship, One Person Company, Partnership Firm, or Private Limited Company.

There may also be a need to take a factory or trade license from Municipal Corporation, Municipality local authority. 

Udyog  Aadhaar registration and MSME data bank registration are also required to take advantage of various schemes. 

Tax registration like GST registration, current account in the bank, and PAN card in the name of the business.

Also, N O C from the Fire and Pollution Department may be required. 

The Bureau of Indian Standards has prescribed several standards for the quality control of PVC Insulation Tape. Therefore, it is very important to make it according to these standards.

Investment in the Business

Investment in the business of PVC insulation tape making, it’s depending on your business size and location. However, there are 2 varieties of capital you need to run the business:  one is Fixed Capital includes assets like Tools & equipment, machinery manufactory buildings. which are necessary for manufacturing operations. And the other is operating capital Includes money that is important for day-to-day operations like buying of raw materials, transportation charges, and more. 

However, if you start this business on small scale, then 7 to 10  lakh rupees will be required.  if you do not have much money to start this business then you can take money in the form of a loan from any verified bank.

Raw Material for PVC Insulation Tape

If we talk about PVC Insulation Tape manufacturing, then petroleum-based solvent is the major raw material for this business. This petroleum-based solvent can be purchased from any nearest oil division. And The list of other major raw materials are as follows.

Benzene non-woven fabrics.  Asbestos Powder.Castor Oil. Crepe Rubber. Resins. National Rubber. Carbon Black. Zinc Oxide. Labels And Polythene Films.  And, Before purchasing the raw materials, it is necessary for the entrepreneur to do a comparative analysis by asking for quotations from different suppliers or vendors. 

Machinery and Equipment for PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing

Many types of machinery and equipment are used in the PVC Insulation Tape manufacturing business.  However, the list of machinery and equipment to be used may change depending on the plant’s capacity.  The following is a list of some of the major machinery and equipment.

1. Mixing mill with all accessories.

2. Double-roll spreading machine. 

3. Slitting Machine.

4. Sigma Mixer.

5. H. V Breakdown Tester.

6. Laboratory Oven.

7. Adhesion Tests.

8. Pin Hole Testing Equipment, And Other Tools and Equipment.

Manufacturing Process of PVC Insulation Tape

In the process of making PVC  insulation tape, first of all, 12.50% crepe rubber, 5% national rubber, 49.50% asbestos powder, 12.50% resin, 0.50% carbon black, and 20% castor oil are put in the mixing mill and this material is mixed well goes. 

The rubber combination is next homogenized, and this homogenous rubber mass is then blended with turpentine oil or benzene in the same mixing mill.

Following that, the produced liquid is spread out using a spreading machine.  And during this, doctors’ blade technology is used so that this solvent of rubber can be spread evenly. 

After that, in PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing Process, the coated fabric is cut to the required width with the help of a slitting machine and after that with the help of the winding machine, it is wrapped in the form of a roll to the required length. 

After that, they are labeled and after packing they are sent to be sold in the market.

Marketing your PVC Insulation Tape

Once you are done with all the procedures and production of PVC Insulation Tape. Creating a marketing plan for is a very important task in the PVC Insulation Tape production business. here we have mentioned some markets for PVC Insulation Tape production.

You can sell your PVC Insulation Tape product to your local retailer market. And sell your PVC Insulation Tape product to the wholesale market. Register your business on business-to-business (B2B) websites. Where can you sell your product in bulk? Also, you can sell on the internet. Where you can sell your stuff to the customer directly.

PVC Insulation Tape Manufacturing Business 

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