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How To Start Nail Polish Making Business – New Business Ideas

Nail Polish Making Business – Nail Polish is one such beauty product, which is used regularly by most of the women and girls.  Usually, the price of the product in our country ranges from Rs.50 to Rs.1000.  However, you can find more expensive brands in the market. Nail Polish is used by most of the women not only in their own country but all over the world.  Apart from this, Nail Polish is used by the artists of drama, dance, film and various family functions, festival session’s.

According to a research, its demand has increased a lot more than before. The speed at which its demand is increasing day by day. This is being inferred from him.  Further, Its demand is not going to decrease in the coming days. Any person can start this manufacturing business on a small, medium or large scale.  However, the product requires strategic marketing planning and sales promotion activity.

Steps For Nail Polish Making Business

Market Potential of Nail Polish

There is a growing demand for the product in both urban and rural areas. In addition, Indian women are becoming financially independent in urban centres. because they are joining the corporate jobs, so they are need to use beauty and personal items for their daily solution and beauty needs. Nail polish is a very common beauty and cosmetic item among working women. it’s help to enhance their look. Besides, you will find many international nail polish brands in the Indian market. Its demand is going to increase in the coming days. Therefore, starting a nail polish manufacturing business is a profitable venture for entrepreneurs.

Registration and License For Nail Polish Making Business

In starting this business, you have to get various registrations and licenses from the government.

  • The licenses including company or firm registration,
  • local authority business license,
  • drugs and cosmetic act license,
  • brand your product with trademark, copyright,
  • get registration of MSME,
  • and also get the GST number for the business.
  • Apart from get NOC certificate from pollution control board.

Investment for the Nail Polish Making Business

If you start it on a small scale then it will cost around 4 lakh rupees. In which Rs 1.5 lakh for machine, And other cost of installation of machine, raw material, rent of space, electricity bill, water, maintenance of goods, office furniture, computer, stationery, expenses of  employees, transport, publicity and marketing, will be spent. And Through this you can earn 30 to 35 thousand rupees per month.

Land and Building for Nail Polish Making Business

As far as land and building is concerned, an entrepreneur may require about 600-900 Square Feet of Nail Polish Manufacturing.  That is because apart from the workplace, the entrepreneur will also need to divide this space separately for office, generator room and warehouse.  If the entrepreneur has his own land then it is fine otherwise he needs to get all kinds of formalities like rent agreement, lease agreement. And select the place or building at such a place, where there is proper arrangement of electricity, water and road facility.

Raw Material for the Nail Polish Making

The following is that the list of some Basic Required raw materials for Nail Polish making. Cellulose nitrate, frankincense, ether, acetone, ethyl alcohol, estergan, camphor, castor oil, dzylphthalate and colors.You can purchase the raw materials from the local wholesaler or online wholesaler for your Nail Polish making business.

Machines for Nail Polish Making Business

If we talk about Nail Polish making machine, they are used many type of machines for make nail polish. Some of their list is as follows.

Chemical mixer, steel tank, cellulose cutting machine, filter, stirrer, automatic nail polish vial filling machine, laboratory equipment and Packaging Machine will be required.

You can search the internet for more information about the machine required for Nail Polish making business. And also the seller will give the training about Nail Polish making. Before buying machinery for this business, the entrepreneur should do a comparative analysis of the quotations from different suppliers.

Manufacturing Process of Nail Polish

Nail polish manufacturing is done by adopting different types of process.  Because this process depends on the ingredients chosen by the entrepreneur.  According to the most popular Nail Polish manufacturing process, photography films or Cellulose Nitrate are first taken, after which they are washed thoroughly.  After that they are cut into small pieces, later they are dissolved with the help of a dissolving solvent called ether.  In addition to ether, ethyl alcohol or emyle acitate can also be used as a solvent.  The castor oil and digiltalate are then mixed with it. It is mixed so that the nail polish does not remove quickly after applying it on the nails.  After the completion of this process, Shade is prepared by mixing the required quantity of color.  And the finished Nail Polish is inspected with the help of Laboratry equipment and earned by selling it in the market by filling it in vials with the help of Automatic Liquid Filling Machine.

Marketing for Nail Polish Making Business

Marketing of any product is necessary because if the customer does not know about the product, then how he will buy, marketing can be done in many ways for more sales. For more business growth, give free sample at the local stores and beauty salons. And do good marketing and you can get ad on social media and Tv . additionally Sell from the web marketplaces like amazon, flipkart and other e-commerce websites. And also, you can open your own online store with a little investment.

Nail Polish Making Business

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