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How to Start Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Business

If you want to start a business that will generate consistent income all year, one of the businesses you can start is a lubricant oil manufacturing Business company. There are two types of lube available on the market, depending on their intended use. One type of lubricant is for automotive use, while another is for industrial use.

The automotive lubricant industry, on the other hand, is more competitive than the industrial lubricant industry. In general, you can establish a lubricant production firm on a small, medium, or big size. The business will need a small amount of capital to purchase machinery and raw materials.  

Market Potential of Lubricant Oli

In the lubricant segment, the car holds the 60% piece of the overall industry and modern holds 40%. Comprehensively, the lubricant market is fragmented into five districts. These are Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America, the Middle East and Africa, and South America. As indicated by the business specialists, the Indian car lubricant market will reach $ 9.6 billion by 2022.

In the automotive portion, vehicles, bikes, and three-wheelers fragment represent 30% of the market. Be that as it may, diesel worked motors, trucks and other weighty vehicles have the mass portion of the rest 70%. As a matter of fact, the expanding number of traveller and business vehicles in the locale is powering the development of the lubricants market.

Moreover, the minimal effort, simple accessibility, and expanded application in all parts are driving the lubricants market. Consequently, beginning a lubricant manufacturing business is a profoundly worthwhile business for the business visionaries who need to begin a business in the petrochemical business.

Investment for Lubricant Business

In this business, you need at least 20 lakh rupees to install machinery.  Once it is installed, after this you will have to invest only 20 thousand rupees.

Benefits from Lubricant Business

In this business starting with about 20 thousand rupees, when you sell a packed box, you get 1000 to 1500 rupees.  That is, you earn at least 2 lakh rupees per month from this business.

Location for the Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Business

You can start a lubricant business anywhere, it is like a wholesale business, in which you have to do the manufacturing and packaging of the lubricant.  So you can start it anywhere inside the city itself.  After this, you can supply it in various Garris and showrooms.  However to prepare the setup of this business you may need at least 1000 square meters of space.

License for Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Business

In doing lubricant business you will need to get some necessary licenses and registration.  Which are as follows –

Trade License: – On starting this business, you have to get a trade license issued by your local authority for your business.  So that your business comes under the purview of the law.

MSME Registration: – This business is a manufacturing business, so you must register this business under MSME.  With this, you will get the loan easily.

GST registration: – To get a GST number for your business, you have to do GST registration.

NOC from Pollution Control Board: – In this business, you have installed machinery, so for this, you will have to take NOC from Pollution Control Board also.

Raw Materials for Lubricant

For the raw material for Lubricant Manufacturing, you will need to procure the base oils or additives from the suppliers. Additionally, you will need to source the lithium and HCO for Grease making.

Machinery for Lubricant Manufacturing

starting the Lubricant Manufacturing Business need some Machinery’s

Here is the list of machines for the business.

Tin filling machine

Blender tank


Cooking kettle

Cooling kettle

Moulding machine

Mrp machine


Storage tank

Foiling machine

Grease filling machine

Air compressor.

The machinery you need to do lubricant business can be purchased online from the India Mart website.  And to buy it offline you can contact the companies that manufacture lubricants.  They will give you this information from where you can buy the machine from and for how much.

Manufacturing Process of Lubricant Oil

Talking about the process of making all the products of lubricant, it is made through various solutions, and Procure the base oil or additive from the supplier. Put the materials in the storage tank. To ensure correct mixing, heat and combine the ingredients. Fill the finished oil storage tank with the material. Examine the quality. Finally, fill the lubricants in the proper order. The material is now ready for distribution in the market.

Machinery for Packaging Lubricants

Once the lubricant is made, it is packaged, the packaging requires machinery.  After the lubricant is made into products i.e. fuels and oils, all are packed according to different measurements, for this a fully automatic machine is required.  With the help of this, you can pack in cans ranging from 5 litres to 50 litres. 

Information about how the packing machine is used will also be obtained from where you will buy the machine.  After the fuel and oil is packed in the box, separate packing is done to sell it, such as 5 to 20 litres of the cartons are filled in cartoons and then packed.  This can also be done through the same machine.

Marketing for Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Business

If you want to earn millions from this lubricant business, then you will need to market it.  For marketing, you have to give your samples in different showrooms and different shops and after using them, they will tell how good your product is.  If they like this, then after this they will start ordering you.  You will have to do the same with many companies.  So that your brand will be promoted everywhere and your customers will grow.

Build Your Own Brand in Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Business

When you are going to start a lubricant business, for this you have to create a brand of your own.  By building a brand, you can move forward in this business, because people give more priority to buying company items.  So you have to create a brand of something with a great name.  Apart from this, you also have to keep in mind that the quality of the product you make should be good.  Because your brand depends on it.

Lubricant oil Manufacturing Business

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