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10 High Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment

10 High Profitable Business Ideas with Low Investment

In today’s world, prices are rising rapidly, and food, home, healthcare, education and basic things have become expensive. With an average salary, it is hard to cover these expenses. Therefore, people are looking for other ways to earn money and remain financially stable. This is the reason why more and more people want to start their own business instead of doing a job. But, to start a business you always need a business idea and investment. And, we often think that business requires a lot of money, but this is not completely true. Yes, businesses need money, but not always huge amounts. There are many businesses that you can start with low investment. So, if you are thinking of starting a small business, with low investment?  in this article, we give you about 10 such businesses that you can start with just Rs 2 lakh to 5 lakh and can also earn a good amount from.

1. Grocery Store

If you are looking for a business that you can start with a small investment, a grocery store can be a good business for you because it is a business that you can start anytime. Since every household needs groceries, you can start it anywhere and earn money from it. If we talk about investment, if you want to start it big then you need Rs. 5 to 10 lakhs to invest, but to start small 2 lakh to 5 lakhs can be invested and earn a good amount.

2. Stationery Shop

If you are looking to start a business with an investment of 2 lakh to 5 lakhs, then a book and stationery shop can be a good option for you. This business is in demand throughout the year and provides all the necessary goods for school and college students. If you want to earn more from this business, consider opening your shop near a school or college as this will attract more students and customers. By doing so, you can easily earn Rs 25 to 30 thousand per month.

3. Photocopying Business

Starting a photocopying business can be an easy and profitable business with an investment of 2 lakh to 5 lakhs. Depending on the location of your shop, you can earn up to 30000 per month. Setting up shop in a busy area or near an office can increase your profits. To run this business, you will need a shop, a printer, and a computer. Additionally, you may choose to offer other duplicating services in your store to increase your earnings.

4. Clothing Store

A clothing store is a business that runs for 12 months and can earn you a good income. Also, you can start a clothing store even on a small scale with an investment of 2 lakh to 5 lakhs. However, if you want to open it on a large scale, you need to invest a lot of money in it. So, in the beginning, you may have less variety in your store, but when you start earning, you should also increase the variety of clothes in your store so that your customers get more variety in your store. But open your store where there are not many such clothing stores in the place.

5. Mobile Repair Shop

A mobile repair shop is a business that you can start with very little investment and earn good returns. You can start a good mobile repair business in 2 lakh to 5 lakhs. In this, you should have all the mobile repair parts in your shop so that you can fix all the problems of the mobile. You can easily earn 30000 to 50000 per month by doing a mobile repair job. But, if you want to open a mobile repair shop, first you need to learn mobile repair work.

6. Bakery Shop

Bakery shops have become increasingly popular and profitable in today’s era. You can start this business with an investment of just 2 lakh to 5 lakhs and earn a good income. In a bakery shop, you can find a variety of baked goods such as cookies, bread, toast bread, and muffins. Cakes and pastries are particularly popular and liked by almost everyone. To increase your profits, you can also offer other items such as cold drinks, fast food, sweets, and snacks.

7. Tea and Coffee Shop

You might be wondering why we need to invest Rs 2 to 5 lakh for a small tea shop business. But, in big cities, people are ready to invest even Rs 5 to 10 lakh for their tea shop because this is the only business in which you can earn a good amount. Therefore, you can open your shop in a place with high foot traffic, such as the middle of a market. In addition to selling tea, you can also offer other food items like biscuits, toast, snacks, cake, and mixers. So, start with a tea shop in a crowded area, you can earn anywhere from Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month.

8. Disposable cups and plates

After the plastic ban in India, the demand for these products has increased significantly. Disposable cups and plates are used in all events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, get-togethers, and corporate events. Therefore, manufacturing paper plates and cups can be a profitable business idea with an investment of Rs 2 lakh to Rs 5 lakh. As your business grows, you can expand your business by purchasing more machines.

9. Street Food Stall

Opening a street food stall by buying an old vehicle or trolley and selling food from it is a great and trendy business idea. The best part of this business is that you can move your truck from one place to another as per your choice. You can visit high-traffic areas like university campuses, corporate offices, tourist spots etc. This business requires an investment of 2 to 5 lakhs and has a lot of benefits. However, it is important to maintain quality and hygiene. If you can deliver great taste and quality, you have great potential in this business.

10. Car and Bike Washing Centre

If you want to start a business with an investment of 2 to 5 lakhs, consider opening a car and bike washing centre. To start this business, you need a location near a roadside where cars and bikes are not parked. If you have your land, it’s even better, but if not, you can rent a shop in a similar location. Next, you’ll need water, a car washing machine, and other necessary items to wash the vehicles. With this investment, you can easily arrange all of these. And, If 10 to 20 vehicles visit your washing centre daily, you can earn anywhere from Rs 25000 to 30000 per month.

Top 10 High Profitable Small Business Ideas – Starting with Rs 2 lakh to 5 lakh


Each business idea presented offers a unique avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs to capitalize on market demand, catering to essential needs or tapping into emerging trends. Furthermore, the scalability and flexibility inherent in these business models empower entrepreneurs to expand their operations gradually, reinvesting profits to diversify offerings and reach new markets. Ultimately, the key to success lies not only in the initial investment but also in dedication, innovation, and a commitment to delivering quality products and services.

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