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How to Start a Staple Pin Manufacturing Business

Staple Pin Manufacturing Business

Each sort of workplace, banks, business associations, retail shops and a lot more departmental administrations are at present utilizing this stapler for restricting the papers rather than an ordinary ball pin or paper cut. Nobody can deviate, wherever from school writing material to large businesses the staple pins are generally utilized. This little staple pin ties papers as well as fabrics, plastic covers, and even slender elastic sheets. Since, of its wide use everywhere on the world, it has an evergreen interest and deals ever.

Staple pin making measure is straightforward and the business can be started as a locally situated little scope premise. It is by and large delivered from white excited iron wire. Utilizing great quality iron wire will guarantee the creation of good quality and since quite a while ago kept going staple pins. It is prescribed to upgrade the item notoriety on the lookout. Moreover, staple pin making is conceivable with a little financial plan and framework.

Market Potential of Staple Pin

Staple pins are normally utilized items in each office, schools, universities, foundation and business places. Aside from the homegrown market, it has likewise an excellent fare opportunity. Staple pins find wide application to staple pieces of paper, checks, generally known bills, collection photographs, sandwich sacks and in money related foundations, workplaces, articles of the clothing industry, calfskin industry, elastic industry and any shop conveying the materials in parcels, and more.

Investment for Staple Pin Business

A Maximum capital of rupees 2 lacks is needed for a decent beginning in the staple pin Making business.lf need more individual reserve funds then you can even get credits from money related establishments by presenting an alluring marketable strategy by posting the development of business, and different specifics needed to apply the advance.

License and Permission for Business

In starting a staple pin making business, you must need to register your firm first. You will need to apply for Trade License from the local Municipal Authority. Additionally, you will need to obtain Sales Tax Registration. You may register your business as SSI Unit. Pollution control measures are not drawn to the manufacture of staple pins. It is best to have a customised project report ready ahead of time. It will also assist you in obtaining financing for your staple pin manufacturing business.

Space Required for Business

By starting this business with only one machine, you will not need much space.  On the other hand, if you want to run this business through more than one machine, then you will need big space.  Apart from this, keep in mind that the electricity facility at that place is good.  A 1 HP motor and 220 to 440 volts are required to operate the staple pin making machine.

Raw Material for Staple Pin

Aside from machines, the other thing you should need to begin this business is raw material. In the event that you need it, you can make these pins utilizing either copper or iron. Simultaneously, the cost of these metals starts from Rs 500 for every kg of copper wire. Simultaneously, iron wire makes you less expensive than copper. You will get this wire in the market at Rs 30 for every kg. Both these metals will be effectively accessible on the lookout. Aside from this, staple pins are of numerous sizes or shapes. Along these lines, choose ahead of time what size pin you need to make. Likewise, you can likewise do the matter of making nails through iron.

Staple Pin Making Machinery

In starting the manufacturing operation, you will need to install two different machines. One is an automatic staple pin making machine and another one is a Double-ended Bench grinder 8″ wheel size. You must select the appropriate machinery for your project based on the desired quality and quantity of output.

You can also buy this machine through the market or online shopping.  Talking about the price of this machine, their price starts at one lakh rupees.  You can easily buy this machine online on websites like or the link is mentioned description.

Staple Pin Making Process

The process of making staple pins has been rearranged with a presentation of complex completely Automatic Staple Pin Making Machines.

The preformed round wire is taken care of to the machine which smoothes it and produces the vital staple pins in pre-decided lengths of 50 staple pins in every length.

The arrangement of this length is helped by the utilization of an extraordinary staple pin cement, additionally created in India.

Pack the staple pin lengths reasonably with every bundle containing 1000 pins. 20 of these parcels are pressed in a case and 40 of these bundles are stuffed in a cardboard container.

These are basic bundling, you can likewise create bundling as per the market interest.


When your pins are ready by machine, you will have to pack those pins.  For this, you will also need some carton boxes.  Staple pins are often packaged in small boxes.  Therefore you will need a small cardboard box.  You can get these boxes made from a cardboard box merchant.  And remember that you should get your company name and address written on these boxes.

Marketing for Staple Pin

In the present time, it has gotten critical to advance your business. In this manner, you likewise need to give data about your business to individuals related to your business. By doing this, your work can be reached out to more individuals. More individuals will have the option to purchase your products.

Attempt to go straightforwardly to a school or office and offer your products to them. By doing this, they will discover these products less expensive and you will likewise turn into a decent customer. Likewise, your business will have the option to spread all the more rapidly.

How to start a Staple Pin manufacturing Business in small scale

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