Top 10 Innovative and Profitable Business Ideas under 1 Lakh

Top 10 Innovative and Profitable Business Ideas under 1 Lakh

Do you think about getting down into production, but are you defined by the budget? Here are 10 business ideas that require low investment, but provide great ability to success.

Tap the profitable market of customized T-shirts. Invest in the printing machine and provide customized designs to customers such as quotes, pictures or logos.

Customized T-Shirt Printing

Drops natural and organic soaps with unique aromas and designs. This environmentally friendly business has an increasing need for health and health.

Manufacture of Handmade soap

Paper bags have become popular as awareness of plastic pollution is increasing. Start a paper bag production unit and contribute to the environment.

Paper Bag Making

Package and sell regional or regional aromatic spices. Spice packaging is a small amount of effort in the food industry.

Spice packaging

Switch to eco-friendly alternatives by producing disposable plates and utensils made from biodegradable products such as carnstarch or sugarcane.

Disposable Plate  Making

Personalized gifts are always practiced. Create customized gift items such as vases, kitchens or photo frames and fill in various occasions and celebrations.

Customized Gift items

Candles of craft that attract different options. Candles are popular as home decorations and gifts, which makes this business idea hopeful.

Candle Making

Provide healthy and delicious homemade snacks such as Granola bars, chips or cookies. Keep your products as premium quality alternatives for the store purchased.

Homemade Snacks

Mobile phone accessories such as phone suits, chargers and earrings together. The need for these products remains unchanged in the world as a technical enthusiast.

Mobile Parts Assembly

Collect and sell them to recycling products such as paper, plastic or glass. Recycling is environmentally responsible and profitable.

Recycling Business